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Educate a Childproject is an initiative taken by the Nanhi Jaan Project of Veeranwali Foundation, to provide financial aid to families who cannot afford to send their children to school after class 8 (Govt. education is free till class 8).

Selection Process

In the FIRST PHASE, we received names of over 50 children in need of aid. After reviewing their applications and verifying their needs and academic capabilities, we shortlisted 26 children. 18 of the selected children will be given a stipend of ₹3600 per year which will provide for their school fee, books and stationary. Balance 8 children will be given a higher sum of money to take care of their external tuition fee in different subjects.


educate-a-child-01In PHASE-2, we covered Govt School, Vikas Nagar, Chandigarh. 22 under-privileged children have been adopted from this school. These children have single earning mothers, or are orphans, or are children of manual labourers.

Two children from Govt School, Sector 35, Chandigarh have also been adopted.

Join the initiative by Sponsoring a Child.

Your gesture will not only help to educate a child, but will also help in improving the condition of his/her family.

You can donate ONLINE by filling the form below.

For details on how to donate by mail CLICK HERE