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With continuous support and blessings from scores of people, we have been able to touch more and more children suffering from one or other ailments and needing constant encouragement and financial support to recuperate better and faster.

Our Playroom team at PGI is constantly encouraging the children to recoup from the emotional trauma of being admitted in a hospital.

We have also adopted brilliant children from poor families who were finding it difficult to continue with their studies because of financial crunch.

From time-to-time, we also hold langars for slum children, arrange for hygiene workshops, provide them with winter cloths, as also educational consumables.

Nanhi Jaan, as part of its first major project, donated a ventilator to Advanced Pediatric Center, PGI, indeed, a moment of pride. The ventilator worth Rs. 11 lakhs, was handed over to Pediatric Center on 27 January, 2013. Since then, we have also donated incubators and Ventilators to the Government Multi-specialty Hospital (General Hospital) Sector 16, Chandigarh, as well as GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

We have also equipped the Playroom at Advanced Pediatric Center, PGI and also  manage it.

Hundreds of children from economically backward families, admitted in PGI,  have been helped with medicine and consumable support.

In 2020, a major pandemic struck the world in the form of Covid-19. When the first lockdown was announced in India in March, the count was still in hundreds. But, everyone knew that it will increase rapidly. By May 19, 2020, more than one lakh Indians had contacted the disease. In March itself, we had anticipated that the frontline health workers – doctors, nurses, medical practitioners and even police and sanitation workers – urgently need to be equipped with protective equipment like masks, gowns, sanitizers, etc. to prevent them getting exposed to this highly infectious and communicable virus.


Keeping this in mind, we started a fundraiser with an initial target of ₹50 lakh. Within a short span of time, generous donors from all walks of life contributed more than the initial target and we managed to collect more than ₹65 lakh. Total spend on our Covid-19 project has been more than ₹67 lakh.